The Basics of Dog Training


Having a dog can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a source of frustration. Before you get a dog, you should spend some time educating yourself about the best ways to train them. While there are many techniques and methods available, there are a few basics to follow that will ensure your dog is well-trained. Visit to learn more about dog training techniques.
Basic training consists of the following commands: come, stay, sit and drop it. While these commands may seem like common sense, they're actually some of the most important skills a dog can learn. It's important to be consistent with them, and you should also keep a treat on hand for your dog if he is displaying these behaviors.
One of the most common problems a dog may experience is jumping on furniture or visitors. This can be a frustrating issue, but it's not impossible to train. Once a dog understands that he or she is supposed to stay on a certain area, it will eventually learn to do so. It takes about two or three weeks to learn the stay command. During this time, it is important to reward the dog with praise or treats when it is successfully sitting in the stay position.
Another important command is heeling. During this command, the dog walks with the left side of the leash. It's especially important to teach this command if your dog is large or strong. This makes it easier to walk your dog.
If you have a dog who pulls or jumps, use an anti-pull device. This can be a collar or a harness. You can also use a leash with slack to give your dog more control during walks.
You can also teach your dog to fetch by giving him a treat on a leash. This is an important skill to teach a dog because it allows it to be taken to public places.
The best time to train your dog is when he or she is hungry. You can train your dog to fetch by using a six-foot leash. Use a treat as a lure, and when your dog picks up the treat, say "give" while holding it in the other hand. When your dog has successfully completed this command, you should praise him for releasing the toy.
Keeping a positive attitude is important during dog training. Your dog will not respond well to negative actions, so you'll have to be patient and consistent when correcting it. If you reward your dog for good behavior, he or she will want to repeat it. This site can help you build a positive relationship between you and your dog.
Dominance training is another training method. This technique relies on the dog learning to mimic the behaviors of a model. The model can be a human, a toy, or another dog. This method is helpful when your dog is overly excited or uncomfortable, but it can also lead to confusion and behavioral problems.
Behavioral training is ideal for rehabilitating dogs with behavioral issues. You can use this method for a number of things, but it's particularly useful for unwinding years of behavioral problems. For more info about the topic above, visit
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